Monday, February 16, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook ~ Week of February 16, 2009

For Today:

Outside my window: is bright sunshine, melting the last remnants of the hard, crusty snow.

I am thinking: about how nice it will be later this week when hubby is home on 3 days vacation Wednesday thru Friday!

From the learning rooms: I am learning to trust God when He asks us to take risks and speak truth into someone's life. Even when it feels scary and like it's all going to backfire in our face, we need to trust that God will protect us.

I am thankful for: my Valentine! He is so good to me and I love him more and more each passing day. I'm also thankful for the wonderful treat this Valentine's Day weekend of going with my Sweetheart and our friends to see Brad Paisley live!

From the kitchen: I have taken out the Light Philadelphia Cream Cheese to soften so I can make the salsa dip to take with us this afternoon to "Family Day" with the in-laws.

I am wearing: Okay... this is REALLY embarrasing. I am wearing the same thing as last week AND the week before: Snoopy pj pants, a long sleeve t-shirt and a warm wool hoodie. I honestly do have other p.j's. I guess these are just my favorites ;-)

I am reading: my Bible in Leviticus and I'm only a couple of days behind in my "Bible in a Year" reading!! I'm also reading our Book Club selection for this month: Skid by Renee Gutteridge.

I am hoping: that I can discipline myself to start working out daily and lose the tubby tummy that is developing in my "middle age".

I am creating: a baby blanket still for one of my 2 pregnant friends. It's a slow go because my wrist and back can't take too many rows at one time so it's a very long process it seems. Perhaps only 1 of my friends will end up with a homemade knitted something. :-(

I am hearing: hubby moving around upstairs as he gets out of bed. Today is a holiday here called "Family Day" so almost everything is closed which is why we're headed to the in-laws later.

Around the house: it really could use a clean. I've been so focused on getting caught up on my Bible reading and ladies' group studies that my house has been a little neglected. Thankfully neither of us are real "messy" so it's not too bad.

One of my favorite things: is country music. Who knew? I dabbled a little in it a couple years ago when I first heard the group "Sugarland" but then we went to Nashville a year ago and BAM... I was hooked on it BIG time!

A few plans for the rest of the week: to FINALLY catch up on my Bible reading; Ladies' group Thursday a.m.; watch reality tv (Bachelor, American Idol, Survivor) and spend time with my honey while he's home on his vacation days!

Here is a picture thought to share with you:

Highlight of the Week: Valentine's Eve @ the Brad Paisley Concert!

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Denise said...

LOL, I have to laugh when I read what you're wearing, you must post at the same time each week. And if I did that, I'd be wearing the same pj's too ;-) Have a lovely week sweetie

Susan said...

Hi Sue, I have my favorite pjs too that I am in. Cool about the concert. I am into the reality too. Tonight is the Bachelor!
Have a nice day and week. Hugs

Judy said...

Hi Sue, I have my fav jammies too - I think we all do. I loved your 'from the learning rooms'. Now the country music - I cannot BEAR it. My husband loves it, but I hate it. So now I know something about you that I didn't know. :-) Most are surprised, but if it's not Christian music, I am a Bon Jovi, Coldplay, U2 type - seen Bon Jovi & U2 in concert & loved it! So now you probably learned something about me too. :-) Hugs!

Cindy said...

Hey girlie, isn't Brad the greatest! I loved him when I saw him. Growing up a hour from Nashville, I am a huge country fan. Love it.
Sounds like you have been busy playing catch up with reading. That's great.
Have a great week sweetie.