Monday, January 5, 2009

My friend, Judy introduced me to this fun blog exercise called The Simple Woman's Daybook. My first post is a little late but I didn't want to miss this first week!

FOR TODAY Monday, January 5, 2009... (very early in the a.m.)
Outside my window... the sky is dark, and a cold drizzle is coating my car with a thin layer of ice
I am thinking... about all the things I have in store to do this week.... taking down the Christmas decorations, packing for our trip to California... banking, shopping... too much to think about at this late hour!
I am thankful for... the sermon at church this morning that reminded me of all the promises God has kept and will continue to keep. He has been so faithful, despite my own unfaithfulness. He truly is an Awesome God!
From the learning rooms... I am learning that the more I trust God, the easier my life seems to flow. Last year was my first real year of "letting go & letting God" and it was my best year to date!
From the kitchen... there is only the quiet ticking of the clock as the kitchen is "closed" for the night.
I am wearing... my Snoopy pj bottoms and a warm pink sweatshirt as it's almost bed time.
I am creating... this new blog to write on as I focus on the simple things in life.
I am going... to bed soon. It has been a long, full day and I need my sleep so I don't get sick before our trip this weekend.
I am reading... The Edge of Recall by Kristen Heitzmann for my book club on Tuesday night. I have only 12 chapters left to go and I'm wondering how it all will end.
I am hoping... the weather is good while we are in California. I need some sunshine and a little more warmth than I'm used to in January.
I am hearing... the ticking of the kitchen clock, the gentle hum of my laptop and the clicking of keys as my fingers whiz around the keyboard.
Around the house... are signs that Christmas has just past... half eaten chocolates, candy canes on the coffee table, Christmas decorations adorning the walls and the evergreen tree and boughs hanging in the family room.
One of my favorite things... is spending time with my hubby. Whether it's holding hands as we walk or stand in church singing, watching movies, eating, talking or snuggling in bed... time with my hubby is one of my life's biggest joys.
A few plans for the rest of the week: putting away Christmas decorations, cleaning the house, banking and packing for our trip.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Nothing like a simple cup of tea to make my day!

You too can join in on focusing on the simple things by heading HERE. See you next week!


Judy said...

Wonderful first Simple Woman Daybook post Sue! So glad that you are joining in on the fun! Hugs!

~Pam~ said...

Hi Sue! Great post!! Guess what? I have joined in on this as well. :)
Love you!

Cindy said...

Hi Sue. Loved reading your post. What another pretty blog. It looks so wintery in here. A simple cup of tea sounds really good to me after seeing your pot...I just might have to have one. :)


Tracey said...

LOL, I see...we are "twins" :O) Love your header and enjoyed reading your simple things. Nothing like a cup of tea! ((BIG HUGS))

Susan said...

I love to drink tea. I enjoyed some this morning at work and then when I came home I had some winter blend. What part of CA are you going to? I hope we can meet again! Hugs