Monday, May 11, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook ~ Week of May 11, 2009

For Today:

Outside my window: The sun is shining brightly but the temperature is COLD! It's only 41 degrees at 9am. Where oh where did the 75 degrees from Friday go?

I am thinking: of my Mom and how much I missed her yesterday, although I am glad she is in Heaven, whole and happy!

From the learning rooms: Grief is about us and not the one whose left us when they go to Heaven. They are the best they've ever been there. It is just us missing them that makes it sad.

I am thankful for: having had a Mother who loved her 6 kids with her whole heart. She taught me about what true beauty is and what being a good wife looks like. I am thankful that she is with Jesus for eternity!

From the kitchen: there is silence, although I really do need to head in there and put the kettle on for my morning cup of tea

I am wearing: blue fleece track pants, white long sleeve t-shirt, pink hoodie, ankle socks (which aren't keeping my feet warm) and slippers

I am reading: my 2 devotional books and my Bible (although not as often as I should lately - I really fell off the wagon so to speak this year in my Bible in a Year and I've been floundering a little ever since. I really am starving for some good spiritual meat!

I am hoping: to discipline myself to get back into daily reading God's word and really digging in to learn what God wants me to learn.

I am creating: a parable for my writing course.

I am hearing: the hum of my laptop and the clicking of the keys as well as the traffic outside my window.

Around the house: I have a beautiful bouquet of flowers my hubby bought me from our "boys" for "Mother's Day", even though I'm not a mother and my "boys" are well... how do I put this... not quite "real" ;-)

One of my favorite things: seeing the joy on my StepMom and Mother-in-law's faces when we honored them with love and gifts this weekend.

A few plans for the rest of the week: one last Ladies' group Study and prep, lunch with 2 of my sisters (I think), housework, finish my writing assignment for Friday, not sure what else!

Here is a picture thought to share with you:

My Family, the day Mom and Dad brought me (#6)
home from the hospital.

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Anonymous said...

What a great family picture! You look like a baby doll peeking out of the blanket.

Judy said...

Hi Sue! Loved your post today. Wow - 41!! How would you like to be over 100, which we are??? I would love to have an hour or so of that 41 degrees!

Thanks for sharing the sweet picture of your adorable. Hugs

Denise said...

Oh I love that photo, what a special day :-)
I didn't get to post last week, but I did today, will check back later to see if you did the 18th too :-)

Susan said...

Hi Sue, I like that picture of you and your family.