Monday, March 2, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook ~ Week of March 2, 2009

For Today:

Outside my window: a bright cheery sun is shining but again, the temperature is bitter cold. Hurry Spring... please!

I am thinking: that I have "rumbly in my tumbly" and need to eat some breakfast.

From the learning rooms: I am learning that our lack of trust in God can hamper God's timing in our lives. Did you realize that had the Israelite people trusted the two spies (Caleb and Joshua) when they reported back from their first journey into Canaan, their journey into the Promised Land from Eygpt would have been only about two years and not 40 years of wandering in the dessert? Geesh... we really aren't clever as humans! If only we'd learn to trust God and His promises, we would see those "lands flowing with milk and honey" in our lives!

I am thankful for: my marriage and my hubby. We attended a marriage seminar on the weekend and it was a great refresher on how to be a godly spouse, but it was also an encouragement to us that we are on the right path!

From the kitchen: breakfast is calling for me... toast? yogurt? cereal? I'm not sure yet but after I finish here that is where I am headed!

I am wearing: You're dying to know the answer to this one aren't you? hee hee. This morning I am wearing my grey/pink plaid p.j.'s and white angora hoodie but after I eat breakfast I'll be putting on some workout clothes and go for a walk on the treadmill.

I am reading: my Bible (in Numbers now); I'm still reading Behind the Stories, and starting my new book club selection, This Side of Heaven, by Karen Kingsbury.

I am hoping: to keep myself focused this week as I have a crazy busy week ahead.

I am creating: the same as last week: a baby blanket still for one of my 2 pregnant friends. It's a slow go because my wrist and back can't take too many rows at one time so it's a very long process it seems. Perhaps only 1 of my friends will end up with a homemade knitted something. :-(

I am hearing: nothing but the gentle whir of my laptop fan and the ticking of the clock in the kitchen. Ahhh I love my peaceful house!

Around the house: is a HUGE pile of laundry I need to get to this morning.

One of my favorite things: is reality t.v. and tonight is a big night ~ the Finale of the Bachelor. So much hype and rumour is out there about who he picks and did he end up with the #2 pick in the end... blah blah blah. It will be interesting to see if ABC hyped all this for ratings or if it truly will be "the most shocking finale" as they touted it to be at the start.

A few plans for the rest of the week: book club Tuesday night, small group Wed night, Abide Thursday a.m., shopping w/ Amy for baby shower gifts, make food for baby shower Sat, set up & attend Baby Shower Sat p.m., crash Sunday!

Here is a picture thought to share with you:

Nothing starts my day better
than sitting with my Bible, enjoying a hot cup of tea!

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Judy said...

Sue, I so loved your post today! Loved the photo too...wish I could drop in & have a cup of tea with you. Loved what you are 'learning' also. We make things so much harder on ourselves, huh? Sending you big hugs Sue - have a lovely week & find time for 'you', in the midst of your busyness.

Denise said...

I was dying to know what you were wearing this week LOL :)
gosh you have a busy week ahead, hope you don't get too bogged down with it all. The shower sounds like fun, let us know how it all goes. Wish I could come on over and have a cuppa with you

Kia said...

Ciao Sue, what a lovely entry! :) Wanna share a cup of tea? ;) Your teacup is so beautiful!
Women should be celebrated everyday, I know ;) Anyway: Happy Women’s Day – have a fab weekend and Sunday!

Mary said...

Hi Sue,

Thank you for finding me! I am very interested to know which marriage seminar you went to this weekend. I love that kinda stuff.

Thoroughly enjoyed getting caught up with you and I am so amazed at how alike we all are. We do the same kind of things, have the same concerns. We have the same Holy Spirit within each one of us. Whooh, that gives me good bumps.



PS Thank you for saying such kind things on my new blog. :)

Susan said...

Hi Sue, I was mad at first, but then after I heard it all, I thinki it was best. I am not sure I will watch it next season. Jr and I are watching Survivor together and we enjoy that. I do love your tea set. Have a nice weekend. I just added pics to my reguloar blog.