Monday, March 30, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook ~ Week of March 30, 2009

For Today:

Outside my window: it's only 34 degrees and overcast, although the sun is trying to poke through. They are calling for possible flurries today. Can't Spring just spring already??

I am thinking: that I need to stop hanging out online and get down to the tasks at hand: my assignment and bible study prep for Ladies' group Thursday!

From the learning rooms: my assignment this week is teaching me how to write a screenplay, although as much as I love movies, I doubt I'll ever put this lesson into practice.

I am thankful for: the opportunity hubby and I had to get away to North Carolina. Just to have that little bit of warmth and sunshine will help us get through the next month while we wait for Spring to flourish here.

From the kitchen: the dishwasher needs to be unloaded from last night's wash and I need another cup of my vanilla black tea.

I am wearing: blue fleece sweat pants, white mock-turtleneck, and green cotton hoodie. My pink slipper boots are on my feet keeping them toasty warm ;-)

I am reading: the same as last week: my Bible, Behind the Stories, Karen Kingsbury's Every Now and Then and a couple of daily devotionals: Beth Moore's Believing God: Day by Day and The One Year Women's Friendship Devotional

I am hoping: to get my assignment done in time and to catch up on some much needed sleep.

I am creating: still working on baby blanket #2 - really need to ramp up my knitting while watching t.v. so I'll get it done before baby T comes

I am hearing: the heat waft from the furnace through the air vent in the dining room.

Around the house: it is quiet and I am enjoying the peace of my home

One of my favorite things: catching up online with my best buddies

A few plans for the rest of the week: finishing my assignment, going to my old workplace to get info for 3 days of work next week (Blech!), preparing Bible Study questions for ladies' group small group, hang out with our friends this weekend before baby T comes, laundry, grocery shopping... sure there's more.

Here is a picture thought to share with you:

Missing our little "keep" last week
~ my sister's dog, Buddy

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Denise said...

Buddy looks so sweet, I'm sure I've asked this before but I forgot again, what kind is he? It's hard to tell from the pic.
Cold or no cold, it's always nice to be back in your own home, hope you get caught up soon. I'll be praying for you

Judy said...

Hi Sue! So glad you are back home, even though you were met with cold. What a sweet picture of Buddy. So do you want a doggie now? Sending you big hugs Sue!

Susan said...

Hi Sue, I love my doggie Reina and I bet you will have one too someday. Have a great week. Hugs

Kia said...

Awwwwww, what a sweet picture of Buddy! :) Have a happy day! Ciao!

Mary said...

What a sweet looking dog. I wonder too what kind? I've been watching your weather on the news and it is still so cold. What a strange year for weather. Could you come house sit for us? We've got a cat and a Golden Retriever! Blessings on year week, Sue!

Julie said...

Hey sweets,
I really like this concept with the set questions. I really need to set up one of these or else use the questions on my regular blog as a guide to posting.

I'm so pleased you got to enjoy your time in NC with Doug and your sister. It sounds like she is a kindred spirit for you. It is nice to be away but it's also nice to be home isn't it?

Thanks for dropping by for a vitit. It's always a pleasure to have sweet treasured friend.

Love you lots, Julie. xx

~Pam~ said...

Hi Sue! Aww what a cute pic of Buddy!
Thinking of you and sending hugs.