Monday, June 15, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook ~ Week of June 15, 2009

For Today:

Outside my window: there is clear blue sky as the temperature slowly begins to rise creating a perfect late Spring day.

I am thinking: that a "quick" catch up in the mornings emails, blogs, etc is not quick at all. I really need to get a move on things.

From the learning rooms: I am learning that I need to be ready for Jesus' return and I need to make sure friends, family and even strangers are ready too. (related to this blog post)

I am thankful for: my precious hubby and the gift of his love and our happy marriage.

From the kitchen: The kettle has boiled and is awaiting me to get off the sofa and make my tea. Need... caffeine!

I am wearing: white v-neck t-shirt, navy blue sweat-material skort, green hoodie and blue slippers.

I am reading: my Bible (Ecclesiastes still) and Take One, the first book in the newest series "Above the Line" by Karen Kingsbury.

I am hoping: to get a lot accomplished today without getting too distracted (although that is so difficult to do for me it seems)

I am creating: a character biography for my writing assignment.

I am hearing: the hum of my laptop fan, the ticking of my too-long nails on the keyboard and the sound of traffic in the street behind me

Around the house: is a little bit of clutter that needs picking up, while a French Door waits to be painted

One of my favorite things: watching the face of the groom when his bride enters the church aisle that first moment.

A few plans for the rest of the week: my next assignment; housework in preparation for assorted houseguests coming and going this week, laundry, start my 10 day dog-sitting stint of my "nephew" Pepper on Thursday, babysitting Little Miss "H" for my BFF.

Here is a picture thought to share with you:

I love the sheer look of joy on the groom's face
(from the wedding we attended last Saturday)

You can have a Woman's Simple Daybook too by going to The Simple Woman's Daybook blog! Also, feel free to catch up on the daily happenings in my other blog. The link is on the sidebar!


Anonymous said...

That's my favorite part of a wedding too! Watching the grooms face! Sounds like you have a busy week. Hope it's a blessed one! Hugs to you. ; )

Sandra said...

I thought I'd stop by your other blog, too, while I was "surfing". This one is so simple yet so profound. I might try a daybook posting, occasionally.