Monday, June 8, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook ~ Week of June 8, 2009

For Today:

Outside my window: it is cool and the sun is peeking out for awhile before the scheduled rain.

I am thinking: that with my gargantuan mound of laundry awaiting me downstairs I really don't have time to take hubby's car in for the 11:30 a.m. appointment he booked this morning while I was sleepingIndifference

From the learning rooms: I am learning to "enjoy what I have rather than desiring what I don't have" from my reading in Ecclesiastes 6.

I am thankful for: air travel safety as we traveled home from Texas.

From the kitchen: Not much happening over there... just some tea to wake me up. Hubby is out for dinner tonight so not sure what I'll have - probably just some leftover lasagna in the freezer.

I am wearing: pink v-neck t-shirt, blue sweats and pink slippers.

I am reading: my Bible (Ecclesiastes still) and Reconstructing Natalie by Laura Jensen Walker.

I am hoping: to find a "Sorry for the Loss of Your Pet" card within walking distance when I drop hubby's car off, to send to friends whose little cat, Noah, died over the weekend. Blowing Nose

I am creating: a huge mess in my family room with pile after pile of dirty laundry to be done.

I am hearing: the slight roar of trucks on the street behind me as they head through the intersection and the "tick-tock" of the kitchen clock.

Around the house: are signs that we've been away - huge piles of junk mail and papers on the dining room table, little piles of things out of the suitcase that haven't quite found a home yet (mostly piled on my bedroom dresser), mounds of laundry awaiting their turn in the washing machine.

One of my favorite things: feeling that suck-you-back-in-your-seat rush as the plane picks up speed on the runway for takeoff.... Ooooh I love that! It's like an amusement park ride. "I feel the need... the need for speed!"

A few plans for the rest of the week: my next assignment; getting things back in order here with housework, laundry, etc; painting that new French Door; finding a wedding gift and attending the wedding of a young couple in our small group.

Here is a picture thought to share with you:

Sunset over San Antonio from our hotel balcony

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Anonymous said...

That picture is neat! I love the sky when it's pink. I hope you can make it through all of your laundry. Too bad there are disposable travel clothing! ha.

Abiding Branch said...

That picture is gorgeous! There is nothing like a Texas sunset! I missed a pretty one a couple of weeks ago. By the time I got outside the sky was getting darker and the majestic colors had faded into the background.
I love this idea of capturing all your moments. Answering those questions will truly cause you to slow down and think, reflect. Love it!!!

Shanda said...

What a gorgeous photo! Maybe you should hang it in your laundry room! ;) Laundry is my least favorite thing to do!! It's always great to see those piles disappear as you make progress though.

Blessings said...

WOW very Interesting indeed

Honeycombs said...

Hi Sue
Glad you had a good time with li'l sis. Our Bren will be there now enjoying the same texas sunsets. It's a beautiful photo. Have a good week. x